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About: Word Counter

A tool that gives you an accurate word and character count is a word counter, often known as a letter counter or character counter. Text counter is crucial for your content and, by extension, for you whether you’re a student writing an essay, a professional content writer authoring an article or blog, a social media lover who enjoys using Facebook and Twitter, or any other type of writer.

Wait a minute, what i hear? Do you mean manually check characters? Oh! Plz don’t…
Let us just say that it is not only challenging, but also nearly impractical. Therefore, for text count or word count, utilizing a word calculator or a letter count is suitable. Consider it good fortune that SanSEOTools is ready to help you. If utilized properly, our online character counter or word counter can save you a lot of hassle and make your life simpler by updating you of the number of words.

Bloggers should be aware that copywriting is pricey. Use article rewriter to manage your content. Check your writing for grammar and spelling before publishing your new and unique content.

How Online Word Counter Can Help You?

Always bear in mind that there isn’t a specific magic ratio or quantity that will improve your ranking potential on the first page of Google search results or other search engines when it comes to your website content or blog. A valuable article doesn’t necessarily need to be a certain length, contrary to common belief.

Less or more depending on the situation may be helpful. If you use Twitter, you are probably aware of how difficult it can be to squeeze your words into a limited number of characters. Never spend 500 words to say something that might be conveyed in 200. If you want to be aware of the word count and adjust your adjustments accordingly

In case you want to know the count of words and make modifications hence then many online counters are available at the internet. moreover, no matter the count number of words, your content have to be treasured to target audience.

Count Number of Words with San SEO Tools is a counter and word finder web tool. It is a clever word count calculator that provides results in the blink of an eye.

Know how many words and characters are in your content already? Yes? Cool. My only question, is it unique? Before posting the article to anyplace, check it for plagiarism.

How Word Checker Tool Works?

Actually, all you need to do is paste your content into the available text box after clicking this link:, and you will get the word count of your content

SanSEOTools Respects Users’ Privacy

The interface of our free Word Checker application is quite easy and user-friendly. Although it is smart enough to convey WE RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF OUR USERS. Other online letter counter tools frequently store a copy of your content on their servers after you use them, but we are unique in this regard.. When you use this tool, or any of our other SEO and content optimization tools for that matter, we don’t keep or view your content.

We make sure that only you can access your content, which is completely safe. You can also take advantage of our other Free Online Tools, such as the Keyword Position Checker and Reverse Image Search.