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About Word Count Tool

Despite the common name, Word Count Tool isn’t just your typical online word counter. It has some cool features in the word counter itself, and it also offers a lot more useful tools that writers can have at their disposal.

Features Of Our Word Counter

  1. Quick and Fast: This word count tool lightning-fast, we have removed captcha. Copy & paste text in the input box and it will display results in real time.

  2. Word Count Accuracy: Word count tool provide precise and reliable word counts, ensuring accurate measurement of the number of words in the text.

  3. Character Count: In addition to word count, the tool also display the number of characters in the text, including or excluding spaces. This can be useful when there are specific character limits to consider.

  4. Paragraph Count: Word count tool go beyond word and character counts and provide the number of paragraphs in the text. This feature helps users assess the structure and organization of their writing.

  5. Sentence Count: Similar to paragraph count, a few advanced word count tools can analyze the text and provide the number of sentences. This information can be helpful for understanding sentence length and overall writing style.

  6. Reading Time Estimation: The tool estimate the approximate reading time based on the word count. This feature can be useful for content creators who want to provide readers with an idea of how long it will take to read their text.

  7. Bulk Word Count: word count tool offer the ability to count words in multiple documents or texts simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with large batches of files or when comparing word counts across different documents.

  8. Live Word Count: Our platform have integrated word count features that provide a live word count as users type. This feature allows writers to keep track of their progress in real-time and stay within specific word count limits.

  9. Accessibility and Integration: Our word count tool is available online as it is a web-based app, easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. Additionally, some word processors and text editors integrate word count functionality directly into their software, eliminating the need for external tools.

Word count tool offer a range of features to help users accurately count words, sentences,  characters, and paragraphs in one click.

Why Online Word Counter?

It becomes very difficult when you have to calculate total words and chars for lengthy documents. We know if you are using Microsoft word, excel or PowerPoint it will automatically display these values but in the case of PDF files, you can do this work manually. Because the word calculator is not available in PDF files.

In the same way, when writing essays or thesis, you have to maintain the length of your papers. Because most of the time teachers do not love bulky assignments or essays. They want quality instead of quantity and SanSEOtools essay word counter shows you the density of the words as well so you can summarize your essays or assignments quickly.

Similarly, if you are a social media manager in a company you have to post updates regularly. Will you do a manual word count and character count? No, you will try an online tool that can calculate all this in milliseconds.

Combination of Multiple Useful Tools

In addition to word counter, a range of useful tools are there to offer. Users can use grammar checkers and plagiarism checker to improve the quality of their content. Paraphrasing tool and article rewriter are also for this purpose. A combination of these useful tools would enable users to create high-quality and plagiarism-free content.