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One of the harsh and bitter realities of low reputation and ranking of your website is dead links.

What are Broken Links?

With the increasing content on your websites you want to change the URL appearance, sometime you delete or replace the content. This activity of yours can cause and produce the broken links. So, whatever the reason is, a dead URL is a broken link of your website.

Broken links make the user experience very unpleasant, and can damage the reputation of your website. It makes sense that having several broken links on a website is often referred to as “link rot” - because it is as bad as the phrase sounds.

What are the Effects of Dead Links?

Broken links not only effect ranking or overall reputation of your website but also leave a bad impression on your website traffic. you can not only lose rank in the eyes of SEs but also lose your customers. Though Google webmaster is there to keep you informed, but it’s too late. Google ranks you at the same time. So, why not go ahead of Google to beat its algorithm.

What do we have to Offer?

Some webmasters and website owners who don’t update their website regularly might not be even aware that they have these broken links on their site unless a user tells them so. 

So, finally you have the power to analyze your web page links with no efforts involved at all. We bring a brand new, unique and off-course a different tool to take care all of your Website URLs. You don’t have to worry as it’s our own headache. Just put domain of your website within our Broken Links Checker Tool and don’t wait for longer to be informed at the spot what’s going on with each and every link of your website.

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