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About Broken Link Checker

Website broken link checker quickly finds the pages of your website for harmful or dead links. Fix broken links by filtering them.

What are broken links?

Broken links, also known as dead links, are hyperlinks on a webpage that do not work due to any of the reasons listed below.

Main Causes of Broken Links

  • 404 Page Unavailable When the website is relocated or no longer exists on the server, this error happens. Use a 404 error checker for specific issues.
  • If an user enters an invalid link, then this error occurs (400 Bad Request).
  •  Bad URL: Incorrect (e.g., wrong protocol, extra slashes, or a missing bracket, etc.)
  • The server answer violates HTTP requirements, resulting in a bad code, or invalid HTTP response code.
  • If the server's name is no longer in use, it has an invalid hostname.
  • Timeout: This error happens when an HTTP request times out repeatedly while performing a link check.
  • Your website is crawled by a dead link checker, which finds broken links with 404 errors that you must fix. Use our link analyzer to examine the internal and external links on your website, as well as their no follow or do follow attribute.

Broken links can harm your SEO

Effective SEO is essential for increasing traffic to your website, as we all know, and website owners employ a variety of ways to achieve this. What would a consumer think of your website, though, if he visits it and discovers a number of broken links on your web pages? Of course, he won't like it and might not visit your site again. This will negate every effort someone has made to attract internet users' attention.

Broken links may be highly bad for a website's SEO; users get frustrated when they can't find the information they need on your webpage.

These backlinks can hurt a website's reputation, and people may decide not to visit it, which can reduce your site's organic traffic. However, there's no need to worry since you can quickly identify all of your webpage's broken links by using our excellent free website broken link checker.

How to Use Our Broken Links Checker/ Finder Tool

To utilize the broken link checker on our website, just follow these simple steps:

  • Put your URL in the space provided for text.
  • After entering your URL, select "Get Broken Links" from the menu that appears beneath the text box.
  • When you're finished, our online broken link checker will take care of the rest. You will receive the free bad links for the specified URL in a couple of seconds. It will show the Total URLs, OK URLs, and Broken URLs in the results.

Impact of Broken Links on Website

With the help of our excellent online tool, you can easily keep track of every dead link on your website. If you are a website owner who wants to raise the rating of your website, you must quickly find and fix broken links from your web pages. These dead links might harm your website's credibility and significantly reduce traffic to it. These broken links can harm your websites:

User Experience: A website's success depends on its users. However, if users don't find the necessary information or encounter dead links on a web page, it will negatively impact their experience and they might stop visiting your site. Deterring new people from visiting your website will also reduce future traffic.
Damage Online Reputation: Dead links can quickly ruin a website's reputation since they give the impression that it is out of current and has a lot of broken links, which lowers its credibility. Damage your online reputation since poor links suggest that you don't value your clients.

Revenue is the ultimate goal of every website, however the financial health of a website is severely impacted by the loss of significant traffic caused by these dead links. Google and other search engines' rankings and ratings for your website will decline. 

Fortunately, with our excellent online tool to check for broken links on websites, you can easily resolve these problems. Finding every dead link on a website can be a lengthy process because a single page may include hundreds of dead links. However, you can easily remove broken links from your website without any worry thanks to our effective online tool that detects them. Utilize our free website SEO analyzer to determine the factors that are influencing the performance of your website.