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About Long Tail Keywords Generator

Want to enhance your traffic from a search engine, particularly Google? Target long tail keywords. 

Use our dream tool made just for you to help you gain visibility, and rank higher in no time. Ideal for webmasters, marketers, and bloggers. Finding less competitive keywords and getting noticed by Google is a quick way to attract huge traffic to your site. 

But how do you find the less competitive keywords? There are a lot of ways but you have to go for an easy and effective method. i.e using a tool for it. 

The only tool that meets your needs is the 'long-tail keywords generator tool' by SanSEOTools. 

Let's find how this tool benefits you below

About Long-tail Keywords Generator

This tool can help you identify the best keywords for your website or page because long-tail keywords span a wide range of SEO topics. The finest long tail keywords finder can be really useful if you're trying to optimize your website for organic traffic.

Because the meaning of a single word keyword is unclear, it can be quite difficult for search engines to interpret. Additionally, there was a period when search engines used to match those single phrases with the content of websites to display results in SERP, but how can you expect to get the relevant results if your intention isn't to clear?

Today, everyone employs this technique to look for relevant and authentic material, and the goal of the finest long tail keywords generator is to offer you the greatest matches for your supplied terms. You can specify a country and see the number of keywords found alongside a provider like Google, Amazon, Youtube, Yandex, Bing and more.

Some websites attempt to rank by stuffing keywords into their content; to avoid keyword stuffing, utilize a keyword density analyzer. However, in the long run, these tactics are no longer effective. It is preferable to utilize long-tail keywords in the heading tags to help search engines comprehend the purpose of your website.

It will be sufficient to describe the subject or nature of the content on that page; however, if you intend to use the same keyword throughout the entire body of your website's content, you would be making a grave blunder.

Long tail keywords must be included in the titles and headers for them to work effectively with the aid of a long tail keyword suggestion tool. Every page on your website will be in competition with the others if you use the same keyword throughout. 

t can be difficult to avoid using the same terms again if you operate a blog. Additionally, to avoid any misconceptions for search engines, you can utilize the canonical tag to upgrade a blog from the past rather than erasing the previous content.

Generate Long Tail Keywords and Build a Successful SEO Strategy

The long tail keyword suggestion tool is being used by more than 60% of users to find results for their searches. Additionally, by using these keywords, you have a chance to outperform your competitors or at the very least, enter the competition.

Long tail keywords are strongly encouraged because Google engines increasingly prioritize answering questions based on the user's intent.

Long-tail keywords have the following effects on your website:

Improve the perspective of your content

If the headers are interesting, people will read the content; if not, they will move on to another page in quest of more useful information. How relevant your topic is to the content on the page should also be taken into account because if you are just trying to trick search engines, it won't work.

The Most Effective Ranking Method

What could be the most effective method for ranking in search engine results? 

Oh, right, the blogs! 

Your long-tail keywords power it and are the best way to appear in search engine results. 

A Google rank checker identifies which keywords require improvement and 

how well your keywords are ranking? 

Nowadays, almost every website has a blog that

 it uses to provide content related to the website's subject matter. 

In a blog, it is crucial to incorporate long-tail keywords in the content and Meta description, add ALT text to photos, and establish URLs with keywords. 

Using a long-tail keyword suggestion tool will help you find keywords that will boost your ranks.

Keyword Research and Long Tail Keywords Finder

You should first perform keyword research or utilize a keyword analysis tool before using the free long tail keywords generator. If you're at a loss for words, consider what short phrases or keywords someone may use to find your business or product if you have no ideas. 

Depending on how many words you submit, the long tail keywords generator will determine the best keywords for your topic. Additionally, to increase traffic, you can place links to other pages of the website in the words of a page with a high DA, but make sure the topic is pertinent.

The long tail keywords finder free can help you produce as much long tail KWs as you need after you have found the proper phrases, so you don't need to be an expert to utilize it. Making a website and getting it indexed don't take much effort, but getting it crawled takes persistence because there are billions of websites that need to be crawled before yours can even appear in the SERP.

You must be wondering what exactly long-tail keywords are.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those three, four, or five-word phrases that are very relevant to the products your website sells. You see, if a buyer types in a very particular search term, they are already aware of the product they wish to buy. If the website gives exactly what the buyer wants, these specific searches will typically result in sales.

Customers conduct generic searches when they browse and check out what is available at various websites. Like window shopping, really? Targeting people who are looking for a certain product uses long tail keywords. Assume a consumer becomes intrigued by a product. He will look for websites that offer that thing for sale.

Let's say the buyer wants electric bikes as an example. All of the websites that contain these two keywords will be returned by the search engines. He is now going to launch a website that lists the top electric motorcycles. He'll look through them and decide which bike he wants to purchase. Suppose he enjoys the Airbike MX5. He will now look for that particular bike. Here, highly specialized multi-phrase long tail keywords are much simpler for search engines to rank for.

If you employ generic words as keywords as an internet marketer, you're going to face stiff competition from top-ranking websites. You cannot compete with well-known websites like,, Amazon, and eBay. In order to employ them on the pages of your website, you must locate relevant long-tail keywords.

Best Free Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool

Now that we are aware of what long-tail keywords are, how can we get a list of them that are pertinent to the products our website is attempting to sell? We are aware of our products, our keywords, and the region from which we want traffic. 

Go to in your search engine and look for the best free long tail keyword tool there. Alternatively, paste the URL into the search browser's address bar.

Enter the "seed list" at this point in the display. Enter your desired keywords for it to utilize to generate long-tail keywords. When you enter those, click on "Provider," which defaults to Google but displays a list of providers if you click the arrow, now you can find less competitive keywords for 

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Yandex
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo\Bing\eBay
  • Amazon

The providers you want to target can be chosen. Next, choose the Language and the country you would like to target. The prefix and suffix options can be adjusted in the loading configurations.

When you are done, you can press the “Get Suggestions” button located below the tool to start receiving suggestions. A list of suggested keywords will start generating. The list is exportable to an Excel worksheet or copy/paste.

You may now create your internet marketing strategy using the list of free long-tail keywords generated by this clever and useful tool. If you sell certain things, you may create web pages to target these clients since you have a very strong sense of what those sagging buyers type into their search queries.

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FAQs For Long Tail Keyword Generator

What is the SEO strategy for Long-tail Keywords?

Focusing on long-tail keywords is an excellent SEO strategy. Long-tail keywords are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly used keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific and receive less search traffic, but they typically convert better. This entire blog post is made to give you answer to this Why focus on Long-tail keywords?

How do you make a good long-tail keyword?

With this long tail keyword generator tool available at SanSEOTools you can make a good long-tail keywords for sure. Here is the tip: long-tail queries are what your target audience asks. So from the long-tail keywords list  suggested by this tool choose the the phrases that begin with modifiers like "what", "how", "where"  etc. The reason is these words specify the issues that people are facing. While using our tool after you enter keyword you have to check the box of question and then hit the "start" button. Our tool will give you all good long-tail keywords. For example. I enter "404 error" as keywords, check the questions box and hit start button. I got following long tail keywords list "how do you fix error 404" , "404 error message why"  and so on.