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About Keyword Position Checker by SanSEOTools

Analyze any keywords or phrases you enter through the search engine results to determine the position of your website or your competitors for that particular phrase. Yes, you can do that by using our free keyword rank checker tool also called as "keyword position checker".

When you enter a keyword, for instance, and the tool returns "1" as a result, it means that, according to the search engine you've chosen, Google has ranked your site first for that keyword (location). If, on the other hand, the result shows "30," it refers to the 30th rank.

You can use this Google rank checker to see not only your own ranking but also the ranking of any website for any phrase. Just enter the relevant keywords and domains.  Therefore, you should use our free keyword rank checker to analyze your own or your competitors' keyword positions. So it doesn't need any effort just give a lazy single click, and will receive accurate results right away.

How to Use Our Keyword rank checker tool

The use of our website rank checker does not require any particular skills, that is 100 % sure. Our technological team carefully built this online keyword rank checker and the other tools on is to ensure that no user encounters any difficulties. Additionally, our website offers all of its features to visitors without charging them anything. The steps you must take are as follows:

Step 1: Starting where you are now on this website (, scroll up to the areas where you can enter your information.

Step #2: Fill in your URL (or that of a competitor) in the "Your domain" box. You want to check the position of the required website.

Step #3: Fill out the "Your keywords" box with the keywords you want to check against the positions. You can enter up to 20 keywords each check in our online rank checker. However, make sure you only insert one term per line.

Step #4: To run your check after finishing, click "Check Position."

You're done.

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