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You can analyze all of your site's links with the help of the Link Checker. This tool allows you to analyze not only internal links but also you can check all the external links pointing towards your website. Simply type the URL!

Link Checker by San SEO Tools

To check the links on your website, use this Link Checker Tool by San SEO Tools.

This free Link Checker simplifies the process of looking through and analyzing your links as simple as possible, whether you're doing it in response to the most recent Penguin update or conducting a routine link audit.

You can see all links (external and internal) on your website with this amazing tool. Although you can only analyze links on one URL of a webpage at a time, you must analyse every individual webpages on your website in addition to the home page if you need a complete link audit. 

How This Link Checker Works?

Simply type the URL of the web page you want to analyse when using the Link Analyzer tool. This tool also shows which links your website do not follow.
So in short you will get complete guide of your website link analysis with this tool including, follow, no- follow links for both external and internal links.

You will get immediate results with this Link Analyzer tool. It also show a report with every inbound and outgoing link, along with the anchor text that goes with each one.

 You will see the Following Results by Using This Link Checker Tool:

  • Total links
  • Complete number of External Links on a webpage
  • Complete number of existing Internal Links on a webpage
  • No-follow Links on a webpage

You can keep follow links that are linked on your website or blog with the use of this link analyzer, a very useful tool indeed. This tool helps in the analysis of both internal and external links that lead to your website. This website link checker makes it simple to find dead links and delete them to enhance the quality of the page. This is advantageous for your website as it can boost the search engine optimization significantly. You will have a better possibility of having your web pages rank well as a result.

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Do you Need to Worry About Follow/No-Follow Links?

SEOs were among the first to realize the value that Google and other search engines attributed to a website's links to other websites. This information put trustworthy website owners and sincere writers in a pickle. In order to gain money, phony link farms were established, and the links were then sold to naive webmasters.

Webmasters readily fell for this bait since they realized the significance of external links. For websites like Wikipedia, where hundreds of webmasters and SEOs built links to their websites, this activity posed a challenge. Jokes and other such nonsense were posted on blogs and linked to websites. Genuine blogger websites that encouraged visitors to join in blog conversations were severely hampered by this. But because of the misleading links, some blog sites added no-follow to their sites. This largely put an end to the practice.

This assault pushed Google and other search engines to change their ranking algorithms. They achieved this by determining whether links were legitimate and developing the No-follow idea. Links that were thought to be from fraudulent and spam websites were labeled as No-follow. Websites with numerous No-follow links were de-indexed as a result of this move.

Website owners stopped buying links from unreliable sources because they were worried about their website being associated with No-follow links. In order to link to other websites or to ask other websites to link to their sites, they relied on credible sources.

In order to prevent the creation of spam links, some SEOs even added code to their websites. To maintain a close eye on their websites, webmasters started employing external link analyzers and incoming link checkers.

Yes, as the website owner, you are required to monitor all external links leading to your website. To make sure that no spam or bad website links to your site, you might buy or write code.No-follow links will cause your site to receive a penalty from Google and other search engines.

Several factors are taken into account by search engines today. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are no-follow because they send out a lot of signals. These links could be beneficial to your website. Similar to this, certain blog entries can be valuable even if they have no following.

How To Get Do-Follow Links?

The best technique to get do-follow links is to first use the website-links-count-checker tool. Analyze the outcomes before starting to produce top-notch, unique content. Sharing and linking to this stuff ought to happen organically. An alternative strategy would be to guest write on a website relevant to your company and link back to your website. It will improve your SEO and also bring in referral traffic.

The only surefire way to achieve a high Google ranking is by persistent work, the creation of top-notch content, and putting it on your website. Every time the industry tries to manipulate Google's ranking factors, it fails. Google realizes that something is wrong and fixes it. Therefore, buying malicious links or failing to regularly check your website from all angles will not improve it.

Use the website-links-count-checker on to continually monitor your website's link count and determine how many links you have acquired or lost. As the industry is where your actual competition comes from, keep working to earn its trust.

How to Use this Link Checker?

One of the most important components of search engine optimization is link analyzing. You must be exact when estimating the total number of links pointing at or linking to your website. When it comes to SEO, a proper analysis of both incoming and outgoing links will allow you to benefit.
Although there are several SEO tools of a similar nature available online, this is the best free link checker you will come across. If you want to verify the inbound and outgoing links on your website, this website link checker can provide you all the information you need. To use this tool, you don't need to download anything or register with your email.

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