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About Free Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker - A Quick and Reliable Tool

This grammar checker instantly identifies and corrects gramatical errors and mistakes in the article submitted or your writings. Meet our free grammar and punctuation checker online, it also knocks out spelling mistakes and helps in fixing the styling issues. A great proofreader indeed.

How to Check and Correct Grammar at

Use our online tool to quickly find any mistakes or  detect any errors in your writings without any hassle. To use this grammar corrector just follow the steps below:

Paste your content into the given textbox.

 Afterwards, hit the "Grammar Check" button. The tool will start looking for grammar errors and mistakes.

You will get instant results shortly.

Note: There is no limit to check grammar. Great! 

When the grammar corrector completes scanning the document it highlights every single spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues with accuracy in different colors. It also shows you the replacement of the mistakes with vast options to select.

The language tool uses three different colors to highlight the grammatical, style and spelling mistakes:

Spelling errors are highlighted in red.

Style issues get a blue marker

Errors in grammar, syntax, and punctuation are highlighted in yellow.

Features of Our Best Grammar Checker 

The grammar checker by San Seo Tool is designed to quickly correct grammatical errors in written content. This effective tool highlights grammatical and punctuation errors in written content and then suggests how the sentence or phrase could be written using the proper grammar.

It is a premium free grammar checker with a wealth of capabilities that any writer may require for checks on their professional work. It provides its users with the following exceptional features:

Briefly Explain Grammatical Faults 

Many online English grammar checkers point out mistakes in text without explaining the errors, which may leave you puzzled and unable to determine what is actually wrong. But in addition to checking for grammar errors, our tool also explains them so you can understand them better.

One-click correction

The best grammar checker available online allows authors to fix errors with just one click. Manual error correction is a hassle. By selecting one of the suggestions that tool shows, you can correct any grammar mistakes.

Free Online Utility With No Word Limitations

This tool offers the professional grammar check completely free. Not everyone can hire a professional online proofreader. That's why we are providing this online facility so you don't need to pay a single penny to correct sentences with no word limit of 500, 1000 or even 2000 words. Grab this grammar checker app now!

Highlights Errors and Mistakes

It highlights errors and gramatical mistakes and style issues with different colors to enhance the visibilty of errors. Our grammar corrector is user-friendly.

Upload Document option as DOC / DOCX / TEXT Files

The best essay checker allows you to upload files in a variety of file formats and check the grammar of your text. You can upload DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF files in order to check for grammar, punctuation, and readability.

How to avoid grammar mistakes?

Unless you are an expert in grammar, it is difficult to write with excellent grammar. Even a great intellect can't always write a quality text. Grammatical errors can appear to be the most boring thing in the world.

However, it can take a while. The painstaking task of proofreading doesn't guarantee that your work will be flawless.

Use the sentence corrector tool to clean up all forms of grammatical errors rather than spending a lot of time proofreading or carefully verifying orthography and grammar line by line.

Additionally, a multilingual dictionary is part of our finest online grammar checker. Therefore, switching language profiles is not necessary. The auto-detection function of this program allows you to obtain reliable results.

For the word corrector to produce error-free English, you must compose text using good grammar. We are making use of artificial intelligence's most trustworthy results.

What Type of Grammatical Errors Our Tool Detects?

-Error in grammar articles

- Misused words correction

- Contextual spelling correction

- Subject verb agreement

- Phonetic spelling mistakes