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About Bulk Domain Age Checker

Check Domain Age for multiple websites

Domain Age is one of the big factors in the search engines ranking of your website. Domain which is registered more than a year ago can rank better as compare to the new websites. Moz also consider this factor when assign website authority to a website. A website which is registered more than 5 years ago is considered as a stable company.

San SEO Tools Domain is checker tool allows you to check the time, when your domain name was registered and when it was updated last time.

Why to use this tool:

  1. Check detailed information for multiple websites. you will get the following information

    • Created Date: When exactly that domain was registered. It is the registration date of the website, not the date when that website was indexed in Google.

    • Domain Age: how old website is. E-g: 2 years, 5 Months

    • Last updated date: It is the date when last time some major changes are done in that website like changing DNS, SSL certificate, IP, etc.

  2. If you are trying to buy existing Domain, then this tool is very important for you. We suggest you purchase at least 5 years old domain.

  3. This tool is also used when you want to get information about your competitor. If you competitor has aged domain then he has a plus point in ranking.

  4. For Advertising: This not means an only banner advertisement or CPC advertisement. Let’s say you want to write a guest post on a website then definitely aged domain’s backlink will provide you more ranking juice as compared to the newly registered domain. And if you are ready to purchase backlinks, do not forget to check domain authority of that website.

  5. You can check a single domain name or run a bulk domain age check.

Is Domain Age Important for SEO?

Generally, most people use a domain age checker for SEO. Why is a domain's age so crucial to SEO?

Search engines like Google use more than 200 factors for compiling search results and ranking websites. One of those factors is domain age — indirectly, at least. Older domain names tend to have more authority than newer domain names.

That's because these domain names have history.

Google officially announced that aged domains have a higher ranking in the search engines as there are fewer chances for those companies to shut down. Google Page rank was also considering this parameter but now it is no longer exists. While Moz Domain Authority algorithms still consider it as a big factor when calculating or updating domain authority of any website.

How to purchase Aged Domains?

Yes, we can purchase the aged domain. If you are buying those domains for getting higher ranking in search engines quickly then you have to keep one thing in your mind, the domain must also be indexed in Google since its registrations. If a domain is registered 10 years ago and indexed in Yahoo or Bing 2 years ago, then its age will be considered as 2 years. Also keep old keywords same, for example, if the domain was indexed with keyword "SEO score checker" and you changed its keyword to domain authority checker then ranking will be started from zero.

Why is it easy to rank aged domains?

Indexing your new website in all search engines is not an easy task you have to ping your website to each SE. And talking about old domains, those are already indexed in the search engines. According to the Matt Cutt website having domain age between 6 months to 12 months is considered as low.

How to Use our domain age checker tool

Utilizing our domain age checker tool is an easy, all you have to do is just copy and paste your domain names in the input box above. After that click on the button "Check Domain Age" and let the tool done its job. You can check a single domain name or run a bulk domain age check.

Domain Age checker tool allow you to check life of a website in just one click. You can check domain age for up to 10 sites by using our online tool. All you have to do is enter domain names in the input box (one url on each line) and click on the submit button.

This tool will not only tell you the created date of a domain but it also display the last updated date of a website. And if you want to check information of the registrar then you can use our domain whois checker tool.

Tips to Improve Domain Rating

to improve your domain authority

  1. Get Links From High-Authority Websites.
  2. Improve Your On-Page SEO.
  3. Fix Technical SEO Issues.
  4. Optimize User Experience On Mobile.
  5. Improve Your Site Speed.
  6. Increase Your Social Signals.
  7. Monitor Your Progress.

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