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This backlinks checker allows you to check backlinks of any website or page, absoluely FREE. Through this backlink finder, you can keep track of the number of links pointing to your website or the websites of your competitors.

What's a Backlink?

Backlinks are crucial for improving a website's organic traffic in search engine optimization. These are the links pointing to your web pages from other websites. They are typically viewed as a "vote" of confidence for the content transferred from one website to another.

You must understand the value of quality links if you are a new website owner and want to raise your domain authority. The secret is to build a solid portfolio of backlinks, which, when done effectively, has a noticeable impact on a website's rankings and traffic. It can make your content relevant for a search, resulting in it taking the top spot in the SERP. As a result, more people visit your website and appreciate your content.

Backlinks are still in the game, and their usefulness can help you succeed in the digital world, despite the fact that search engines like Google are constantly modifying their SEO policies. They signify that another website has authority in your content, which helps your website's reputation. Building backlinks relevant to your website niche should be your first priority.

Types of Backlink

Let's look into the two basic types of backlinks to gain a better understanding.

Outbound Links: There are countless hyperlinks connecting the millions of websites on the internet. Outbound links are those that can direct visitors away from your website and onto another one. In the process of SEO's onsite optimization, outbound links are absolutely essential.

Inbound Links: Inbound Links are hyperlinks that point to your website from another website. The most important aspect of SEO is these inbound links. More inbound connections in the content of a website or webpage makes it more effective and high-quality in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Due to the fact that they improve your ranking in SERP, the links you accept must have a high domain authority (DA PA). By typing the URL of any website or web page into our effective Inbound link checker, you may discover the inbound links on that resource.

After creating them, use a website backlinks checker to see how many there are altogether. With our backlink tracker, you can additionally examine no/do-follow links, referring domains, and IP ratings.

How to Use Our Free Backlink Checker?

You can keep track of your backlink profile with the use of a backlink checker, which will alert you right away if any low-quality websites start linking to you. Additionally, it gives you a knowledge of prospective link-building opportunities so you may increase the number of useful inbound connections to your website. Check who links to your site for free at using our Backlink Checker Tool.

 Simple steps to follow are:

Step - 1: Enter the domain name or webpage Url at this tool page

Step - 2: After submitting your valid URL, hit the submit button

Step - 3: The backlink checker tool wil show you who links to your site in a short time.


Pro Tip: You can get high quality backlinks for free by using this tool.