YouTube Channel Keywords: What They Are + Best Practices
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YouTube Channel Keywords: What They Are + Best Practices

03/17/2024 12:00 AM by SEO Admin in Youtube

YouTube channel keywords are specific words or phrases that accurately describe the content and focus of a YouTube channel. These keywords play a crucial role in helping users discover and explore videos on the platform. These keywords help YouTube's algorithm understand what type of content is being produced on the channel and can help attract the right audience.

The right keywords for your YouTube channel categorize your content more accurately—which is important for your channel’s growth on the platform.

Here is how and where do you add YouTube Keywords?

Go to the YouTube Studio account settings >Click " Channel " 

  • Once you're in the "Channel" settings, you'll see different sections related to your channel information. Find the section titled "Basic info".

Within the "Basic info" section, you'll find a field labeled "Keywords". Add your keywords here, separating each with a comma.

Why Are YouTube Channel Keywords Important?

YouTube channel keywords are crucial for improving the ranking and visibility of a channel. By optimizing keywords in the channel's metadata, such as title, description, and tags, content creators can increase their chances of appearing in search results and recommendations. 

 Effective YouTube SEO relies heavily on the use of relevant and high-volume keywords.

The keywords ensure your channel performs better in YouTube’s search results and recommendations. And on other search engines,

Improving Channel Visibility

Keywords help YouTube understand the theme of your channel. By incorporating specific terms as channel keywords, you enhance the likelihood of your channel appearing in search results for those particular phrases or topics. YouTube takes into account various factors, including engagement metrics, to gauge a channel's relevance to a search query.

Increased Visibility = Targeted Audience Growth

Getting Your Videos More Recommended

channel keywords not only impact discoverability through search but also play a significant role in how YouTube recommends videos to viewers. When your channel is clearly themed around specific topics or interests, YouTube's recommendation algorithm is more likely to suggest your videos to viewers who are already engaging with content related to those themes.

This is because YouTube aims to provide users with a personalized viewing experience, recommending videos that align with their interests and viewing history.

Best Practices for Using YouTube Channel Keywords Optimally

Your channel theme is the core of your content. It's the overarching topic or niche that defines your videos. Selecting a specific theme for your channel helps you choose the right keywords. Which in turn improves the chances of people finding your channel when they search for topics you cover.

I suggest you to begin by determining the primary theme of your YouTube Channel.

Identify Your Key Channel Theme: The Foundation of Success

To identify your key channel theme, Ask yourself these questions: (8 secrets to grow your YouTube Channel)

  • What content do I consistently create? Are you a gaming commentator, a makeup artist sharing tutorials, or a travel vlogger?
  • What topics spark my passion? Enthusiasm is contagious! Identifying your passion area ensures content creation feels natural and engaging.
  • What value do I offer viewers? Are you teaching new skills, offering entertainment, or providing insightful commentary?

By answering these questions, you'll gain a clear understanding of your key channel theme.

Answering these questions—even before you use any YouTube channel keywords generator—will then allow you to pick keywords that most accurately reflect your channel’s focus.

Use YouTube Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are invaluable to discover keyword ideas that align with what potential viewers are actively searching for on YouTube.

Start with a seed keyword, which typically is your channel's central theme.

For example, if your primary focus is makeup, inputting this term into a YouTube keyword research tool will yield relevant keyword suggestions and insights.

Learn from Your Best-Performing Videos

Analyzing the search terms behind your most popular YouTube videos can guide your overall channel-level keyword strategy. Here's how:

For instance, if your makeup tutorial video gained traction due to searches for "natural makeup look," you can optimize your channel around similar keywords like "easy natural makeup" or "everyday makeup tutorial."

Integrating the keywords for which your videos already rank well into your channel’s metadata can better align your overall content with successful topics. This enhances your channel’s relevance and visibility in related searches.

By paying attention to the keywords driving traffic to your top-performing videos, you gain valuable insights into what YouTube considers your content to be most relevant to.

Utilize tool for YouTube to monitor where your videos rank in YouTube search results, allowing you to refine your keyword strategy and optimize your channel for increased visibility and engagement.

Mix Broad and Specific Keywords for Wider Reach

Use a combination of broad and niche-specific keywords on YouTube is key to maximizing your channel’s reach on the platform. By combining a broad approach with targeted niche keywords, you cast a wider net while still honing in on your specific audience.

In short, a balanced focus will get you the best keywords for your YouTube channel.

Take broad keywords—like “cooking” or “fitness”—to attract a diverse audience. Add to the mix some specific terms—such as “vegan dessert recipes” or “home fitness for beginners”—to also target viewers with particular interests. 

Analyze Competitors for Keyword Inspiration (Without Copying)

Analyze the keywords used by successful competitors in your niche can offer valuable insights into popular search terms that are already drawing viewers. This analysis can inform your choice of channel keywords.

Analyzing the keywords successful competitors use can offer valuable insights into popular search terms that are already attracting viewers. This analysis can help inform your selection of channel keywords, guiding you towards terms that have proven to be effective in capturing audience interest within your niche.

For example, if your channel revolves around fitness, observe the keywords employed by popular channels like  Athlean-X.

Leverage these or similar keywords to align your channel with what’s already proven successful in your field. To potentially enhance your visibility and ranking on YouTube.

Keep Keyword Density Balanced and Relevant

The right number of keywords helps YouTube effectively determine what your channel is about. Too many keywords can lead to confusion about your channel’s theme. Too few might not capture all aspects of your content. Ideally, aim for a total character count of 50-75 for your YouTube channel keywords—five to 10 keywords is an optimal range.

Carefully chosen keywords enhance YouTube channel categorization, making content more discoverable. Relevant keywords optimize search visibility, attracting interested viewers. Strategic keyword selection boosts channel visibility and expands audience reach.

Optimize Video Titles and Descriptions Around Your Channel Theme

So, you should optimize individual video titles and descriptions with specific keyword choices, ensure they align with your overall theme for a cohesive channel identity. Consistency in keyword usage across videos strengthens your channel's relevance and improves search visibility.

Aligning individual videos with channel keywords not only reinforces the channel's identity but also bolsters its overall message, thus contributing to effective YouTube SEO strategy. This strategic coherence ensures optimal visibility and attracts the right audience, aligning with the channel's thematic focus for sustained growth and engagement.


YouTube channel keywords are helpful and guide YouTube algorithm about the focus and theme of your channel. Not to misss, your YouTube channel keywords should closely match the overall central theme of your videos. There’s much more to optimizing your YouTube channel beyond using the right channel-level keywords.  And optimized "About" section  allows viewers to get to know you and your content.  Incorporate relevant keywords from your research to enhance your YouTube SEO. Do keyword research to make your channel and videos more discoverable in Google’s search results.

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