Why You Should Write Original Content not Plagiarized One for Rankings
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Why You Should Write Original Content not Plagiarized One for Rankings

02/23/2023 3:14 PM by SEO Admin in Content

The online world is getting smarter every single day. It's possible that the tactics you used to succeed a few years ago are no longer effective or ethical. The websites operating in this dynamic digital world must be aware of how quickly everything may change with just one Google update. The Google guidelines are of the biggest importance among the several aspects that webmasters and SEO experts need to take care of, since a little negligence can harm your position on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The most important factor that can create or break your authority in the eyes of users and search engines is the content on your website. No website will ever want to lose its rankings or get blacklisted. To save time and effort, use a keyword position checker to confirm where your website ranks. Although there is no place for plagiarism on the internet, you must be aware that original content can outrank plagiarized one in rankings.  Plagiarized content is not tolerated by both readers and search engines, and as a result of committing this sin, you may experience a loss in traffic and never get a top ranking in search results.

Read this blog post till the end if you want to learn how we ended up here. What kind of content can harm the rankings of your web pages will be highlighted here. Also, you'll learn about the steps you may take to detect and get rid of plagiarism from your content.

Let's jump into it!

You might be wondering why you should write original content not the plagiarized one for rankings because

Google Loves Originality

According to Google's updates for analyzing content on web pages and ranking it in search results, Google favors only original content. Therefore, you should write original content not plagiarized one for ranking higher. It means you should write something that is not yet offered in other blogs, articles or websites.

Below are two key spam policies of Google on plagiarism.

Scrapped Content

According to Google Policies if your website uses content that has been lifted from reputable sources, it will be considered as scrapped. Content obtained from highly reliable sites is also considered scrapped unless you offer new services or different content to visitors on your site. Scraping content and displaying it to the audience in its original form adds no value for the users. You can also be penalized with copyright infringement for this action. In addition, if Google gets a large number of legitimate legal removal requests, your site may suffer for rankings (downfall).

Google warns websites not to engage in such dishonest practices and considers the following to also be scrapped content.

Without using any original content or properly attributing the source site, the web pages just copy and publish content from other sources. The websites that copy content that has already been published on other sources without offering the reader or user anything special.

The information on these websites was copied from other sources and only very slightly changed—either by replacing some words with synonyms or by using automatic methods.

Spammy Automatically Generated Content

In addition to content that has been scraped, Google also regards automatically generated content as spam that is used to rig search engine rrankings. These pieces of content are produced by software programs and don't provide the users with anything special or useful. 

The content that is generated automatically is also regarded as plagiarized and can be quickly taken down under original content in search rankings. 

The following are a few examples of automatically generated content.

Text containing the user's searched keywords but making no sense in context. Automatically translated content that has been posted without human review.

Automated procedures that don't adhere to user experience and quality standards are used to produce content. Combining text from several sources and posting it without giving readers anything useful or original.

How to Ensure Originality in Content to Stand Out ?

It is important that Websites must ensure originality in their content if they want to avoid being beaten by competitors. The Google policies on plagiarism explained above cover the entire issue and ought to be enough to discourage you from engaging in any sort of plagiarism. These are some steps you may do to prevent a loss in your content rankings.

Share Your Own Research 

Whatever content you intend to publish on your website should be accompanied by detailed research. You must conduct in-depth study before sharing or discussing any topic in your article. The research stage is regarded as being a significant component of the entire writing process because it enables you to go further into the subject and create content with the audience in mind. By using this method, you'll be able to generate your own research and won't need to employ automated content creation tools or scrap content. As a result, you'll have unique, high-quality and plagiarism free content that can rank at the top of search engine result pages.

Perform Plagiarism Test

Every website must perform a plagiarism test using a trustworthy plagiarism tool before any content is published. The reason for this is that you may use this advanced plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is original. Some of your articles may contain unintentional plagiarism that you are unaware of. Even if you have no intention of scraping content, it could happen by chance. Furthermore, you may keep an eye on your content writers by performing plagiarism tests on a regular basis. You'll be able to assess the originality and caliber of the content and avoid the scourge before it poses a concern.

Key Takeaways

Content is the King and has always been a top-ranking factor.  Content has consistently been one of the most important considerations. 

Generally speaking, it is regarded as the cornerstone of marketing in general and search engine optimization (SEO) in particular. 

The secret to crushing your competitors is undoubtedly introducing original content. The Google modifications are making things more difficult, 

but quality standards are maintained in this way by eradicating creators of duplicate content.

 It is impossible to ignore the recent Google update in which the company de-ranked the websites that published content written with AI.
It is crucial to do extensive research before writing content in this regard.
Even if you think your notes are original, you should still perform a plagiarism test to make sure there are no traces of duplication in what you are publishing.