Things to Keep in Mind BEFORE you Scan a Qr Code
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Things to Keep in Mind BEFORE you Scan a Qr Code

01/31/2023 12:00 AM by Admin in Qr code

We see Qr codes everywhere in this technical era. Sometimes they look beautiful and you might want to scan that qr code just for curiosity. Else your need to check in at the hospital, daily deals at your favorite restaurant or signing up for coupons when purchasing your weekly groceries.During the coronavirus pandemic, QR codes flourished, allowing us to instantly share information without making physical touch.  It could be anything that you need to scan qr codes.

But don't be prompt at scanning qr codes, whatever might be the reason of qr code scan be, precaution is necessary due to the ongoing increase in  scams and fraud attempts. This is because of the recent re-popularity of the Qr codes. 

Always think twice before scanning your next qr code. Keep in mind that these scams operate in the same way as any other phishing attack. Cybercriminals have the opportunity to direct you to dangerous websites where you might be asked for personal information and credit card details while your device is being infected with malware by directing your phone at a fake QR code.

Although QR codes aren't intrinsically bad, they do give hackers a chance to fool you into giving out your data, just like URLs, emails, and "what type of bread are you" social media quizzes. You may avoid being scammed by malicious QR codes and "quishing" scams by following a few simple things to keep in mind before you scan a qr code.

Things to Keep in Mind before You Scan a Qr Code:

1. Beware of Random Qr Codes

Beware of offers that appear too good to be true and random QR codes. Is it a random QR code you get in your email from an anonymous sender with the message promising you a hefty gift card amount or luring you in with other forms of gifts or incentives . These unsolicited texts have a larger potential for harm. Do not open them and leave them alone.  Or is it a wall sticker in a brilliant color? Avoid using QR codes that are out of context. 

To scan a QR code on the menu table at a restaurant  or on a receipt that requrests a review really makes a sense.

2. Look for QR Code Stickers

Placing a fake QR code sticker over a real QR code is one of the cunning methods cybercriminals are deceiving people into providing information. Consider credit card skimmers that can be found at petrol stations and ATMs. Do not presume that the sticker is intended to be there or that the code has been modified. Ask a staff member at the company about the QR code if you have any questions. You're better off skipping the QR code entirely if no one is around to inquire.

3. Are you Going to Scan Qr Codes Just for Curiosity? Stop Read this

Curiosity may just give the cat a computer virus. Don’t scan QR codes just to see what might happen. Only scan a QR code if you trust the source. 

4. Check with Antivirus App

Install an antivirus app on your smartphone that checks QR codes are safe or Not  This is highly advised and can secure your smart devices while assisting you in protecting vulnerable websites, fraudsters, and downloads.

5. Try Different Payment Method

If you're using the QR code to make a payment, consider using a different method to avoid the transaction being intercepted. For instance, completing a transfer using PayPal or your bank account.

How to Scan a Qr Code Safely?

Next time you Scan a Qr code with keep above tips in mind so you can be safe and don't suffer any kind of loss. Cybercriminals can be clever but you can be smart by keeping things in mind as disucssed. 

Since a QR code just looks a regular barcode, it might be challenging to tell if it is authentic just by looking at it. Before you scan qr codes and linking to websites, especially when you're out in public, we advise using prudence and good judgment.