FREE and Paid Plagiarism Checking Alternatives to Copyscape
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FREE and Paid Plagiarism Checking Alternatives to Copyscape

02/07/2023 12:00 AM by Admin in Plagiarism

With the advancement of the internet and modern technology, we now have the ability to access a wide range of portals that can provide us the information we need. The majority of the content online nowadays has been copied or presented by someone else, so finding original and innovative ideas isn't easy anymore.  For access to exclusive and fresh content, you must possess strong research skills. Using a free plagiarism checker will be quite useful in detecting duplication in a text with less effort. The major issue in the online world is plagiarism.

Copyscape has long been a pioneer and a popular choice for authors, bloggers, teachers, students, and other content creators when it comes to checking for Plagiarism.  However, is it still the best at detecting and avoiding plagiarism?

In the last five years, Copyscape has changed its pricing model from a flat 5 cents per search to one that charges 3 cents for the first 200 words and 1 cent for each extra 100. 

Are you looking for some best copyscape alternatives for plagiarism checking then you are at the right place. This blog post is meant to teach your some useful tools.  Users must purchase premium credits, which is occasionally confusing. Copyscape costs can increase more quickly than you might think if you use it frequently.

With the development of AI technology over the past few years, a number of Copyscape alternatives have emerged. Some of these tools are free, while others provide paid plans that are comparable to or less expensive than Copyscape.

We'll go over the major contenders in this article.  First have a look at what is plagiarism?

When someone intentionally steals another person's work and passes it off as their own, it is known as plagiarism.

However, plagiarism can sometimes occur accidentally. It's possible that someone used a quote from a source without properly attributing it, or that they too closely paraphrased the original content. This occurs.

To deal with plagiarism, you must first detect it. You can accomplish it using the tools on this list.  Discover the top Copyscape alternatives and how to choose the best tool for your needs.

Copyscape Alternatives


Grammarly is well recognized as a proofreading tool that analyzes content for readability and areas for improvement while also checks for grammar.
In addition, a free plagiarism checker is available, which analyzes your text or file to 16 billion academic papers and websites.

The quick report that the free version creates tells you of the variety of issues in your paper and whether or not plagiarism was detected, but it does not point out exactly where those errors are. Grammarly has a premium paid plagiarism checker for that that goes far further by identifying sentences, providing source references, providing advanced criticism, and giving your document an originality score.

2. San SEO Tools' Plagiarism Checker is a well-known website known for offering efficient and reliable tools for website management, content management, and SEO. The duplicate content checker on this website is widely regarded as the best tool available online to check for copyright. To avoid annoyance, students, content creators, and bloggers are strongly advised to use the tool to ensure that their text is free of duplication.

The Plagiarism Checker on offers the FREE version and is great for beginners. The popular Plagiarism Checker allows you to find duplicate content by adding webpage URL , uploading document or by pasting content. Millions of people looking for a Copyscape free alternative for detecting plagiarism, use this online tool due to its extremely user-friendly UI. Moreover its completely Free to Use limited to 10,000 words per search. 

You can get list-based, sentence-wise results from the free duplication finder at You may check plagiarism directly from the URL of a webpage for free. You can also view the complete document's plagiarism check results (Highlight view), which include the percentage of original and copied text.

Plagiarism checking tool

Once you go through plagiarism check by uploading text it helps you find a source with similar content. The tool shows you exact pecentage of unique and plagiarised content that allow you to analyze content's performance conveniently.

Additionally, it also offers a grammar check facility. The grammar checker on this tool instantly helps you find all the spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes. 


ProWritingAid is a powerful competitor to Copyscape, and while it does not have a free version, it is a more affordable option in comparison.
You can pay for a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription, or buy plagiarism checks in bulk if that's all you want.

The ProWritingAid plagiarism checker is the best option for writers who have lengthy content, such as books and scripts, because the software is focused on the number of tests rather than the word count.

ProWritingAid is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Gmail, Open Office, and Scrivener, among other programs. It is available for both Windows and Mac. If you don't want to install the desktop version, all of its capabilities are readily accessible straight in the web editor.


The main advantage of Plagiarism Checker is that it is absolutely free and features an easy-to-use interface. You may upload directly from Dropbox, and it works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.  If you want to check your website but don't want a particular page to be included, an extra feature is the ability to exclude a URL. The drawback is that Plagiarism Checker can only handle 1,000 words in a single search, so if you have long content, you'll need to divide it into multiple checks.

5. must be known to anyone involved in SEO or content creation. The online facility is renowned for providing secure and trustworthy tools helpful for website management, SEO optimization, and high-quality content creation. This website also has a top-notch plagiarism checker. 

In one go, you can check 1,500 words to see whether there are any duplicates in the text. Want to determine whether a website's material is original? You can enter its URL in the provided box to upload it and immediately see if its text contains duplicates. You can enter any URLs you want to include in the plagiarism check process—or leave out—in the space provided. The tool lets you enter up to 5 URLs to exclude at once and provides source of the duplicate text.


CopyGator is the best free blogging tool available; it analyzes your website's RSS feed and notifies you if any of your content has been reproduced elsewhere. The premium Copysentry function from Copyscape is a free alternative to this software.

There are two ways to use CopyGator.

Adding their image badge to your blog is the first step. If the badge changes to red, CopyGator has found a duplicate of your material on another website. The second way is to manually put your RRS feed into CopyGator and select "Watch this feed." Then, all following posts will be watched.


PlagScan is accessible to individual users, however academic institutions strongly prefer it. Almost all popular file types are supported by PlagScan, and academic and scientific journals are included in its index. 

PlagScan lets you directly copy and paste text, upload a file, or enter a URL to verify, similar to the other apps on this list.

To give the tool more flexibility, you may define multiple filters and guidelines for plagiarism checks so it understands how carefully to look for duplicate information. To test it out, you can join up for a free trial. PlagScan is a fantastic alternative to Copyscape for educational purposes, but if you're searching for a free or inexpensive choice, be aware that their paid options can be expensive if you're on a limited budget.


This alternative is for users who require a basic, cost-free tool to get started. With a straightforward, user-friendly dashboard, Plagiarism Detector is comparable to Plagiarism Checker.  You can upload a file, check a URL, and exclude a URL in addition to pasting your content directly into the analyzer. You can use the program to check both plagiarism and grammar. Up to 25,000 words, Plagiarism Detector is free; after that, there are various levels of monthly membership. Additionally, you are restricted to a maximum of 1,000 words each check.


More than 100 different languages can be analyzed by CopyLeaks' AI-based algorithms. Numerous helpful tools are available on their website, such as site comparisons, text comparisons, programming code checkers, duplicate file finders, and site comparisons.

In addition to their new Copyshield program to guard your website from plagiarism, CopyLeaks even provides educators with an automated grading tool. You are only permitted to do 20 scans each month in the free version due to its constrained capabilities. Many helpful bells and whistles are available if you're ready to pay a monthly fee. But there are others on our list that might be more appropriate for you if you were looking for a free substitute for Copyscape.


Plagium has both a free and paid version, like many of its rivals on this list. You may run a cursory search using the checker's free functionality, but advanced searches require a subscription.
You can use Plagium to examine text, URLs, and files. If you require more than the bare minimum, their paid options are reasonably priced. You have two options: sign up for a monthly plan or purchase credits according to the number of characters you require. A total of 1,000 words can be analyzed at once in the free version.


Depending on your demands, Unicheck is a complete plagiarism prevention tool that may be used for corporate, academic, or personal purposes. Unicheck's capacity to manage large uploads is one of its main benefits. 

You can revisit generated reports as much as you wish because they never expire. Additionally, Unicheck scans links to matching sources and alerts you if the URL appears to point to a malicious website.

The browser extensions and add-ons for Unicheck make it simple to swiftly scan information. However, in comparison to some of the other choices on this list, their plans are a bit pricy, and their free plagiarism checker will only allow up to 200 words at a time.

Final Words

Plagiarism has become into a significant problem that affects many facets of life. Anyone can easily duplicate anything from a website and portray it as their own thanks to the accessibility of digital gadgets. It goes against writing conventions and is completely unethical. Additionally, plagiarism can have serious repercussions that one would have to face. Deindexing is a possibility for websites with copied content. Additionally, plagiarism is strictly prohibited by search engines like Google. Search engine results pages may move the websites—including those with duplicate text—to the bottom.

The shared plagiarism-checking tools are the most trustworthy resources for detecting plagiarism in an article. If money is scarce and you need a quick, free way to check for plagiarism, Sanseotools' Plagiarism Checker might be a best choice to think about.

The best option for regularly scanning your RSS feed is definitely CopyGator. The tool that meets both your personal and professional needs and crosses the most items off your checklist is likely to be the best one.