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Plagiarism Checker for SEO

12/19/2022 4:50 PM by Admin in Plagiarism

Duplicate content is a serious SEO issue and can harm your website. Search engines especially Google aims to provide best search experience and for this they eradicate as much dupicate content as they can. To help Google in this aim San SEO Tools' developers made the duplicate content checker  tool. Let's first understand what is duplicate content and how to find it with plagiarism checker tool.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content means if  the content exists at more than one place or website address (URL) on the internet. 

They types of duplicate content can be

  • Internal duplicate content - the same text exists on multiple pages of a single URL

  • External duplicate content - same text present on multiple domains or website address

Why you Should Use Plagiarism Checker?

To publish only original and helpful content. As search engines hate plagiarized content because visitors aren't interested in viewing a search results page with several URLs, all of which contain essentially the same content. Also duplicate content can have great impact on search engine rankings.

Search engines try their best to determine the original source in order to display this URL for a relevant search query and eliminate all copied content. Although search engines do a great task of removing duplicate content, it is still difficult to determine the original webpage.

Even though this isn't the original source, the algorithm may opt to show the page with the highest authority / trust in search results when the same sentence, paragraph or even whole text occurs on multiple websites. If Google discovers duplicate content intended to trick people or manipulate search results, it will either lower the site's ranking (Panda update) or completely delete it from the Google index and search results.

In order to avoid self-plagiarism and accidental plagiarism choosing plagiarism checker for checking website content is a safe and fastest approach. Let's dive in to know how you can do it effectively

 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool For Your Website Content

San SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker is one of the best checkers that allow you to detect indexed duplicate content of both types as mentioned above. It is recomended to check for plagiarism before publishing any post on your website. It's better to be safe than sorry later!

Don't stress you need not to go through any tiring process to use this duplicate Content Checker. Just follow below

  • Find indexed duplicate content, using Webpage URL or TEXT input.

  • Use webpage URL  to extract the main article content / text found in the body of a web page. 

  • The other option is copy and paste text or upload a document from you local storage device. e.g.  .doc, .txt etc

  • Press the submit button to start scanning for plagiaized content. The tool do a deep search to find exact matches by comparing billions of documents available online and give results under 60s.

  • The result may contain internal duplicate content or external duplicate content. It all depends on the URL that user enter. 

  • SanSEOTools plagiarism checker comes with a compare feature to highlight the duplicate content in the text. Also you can view your results in three mode. i.e sentence wise result, matched sources, document view.

  • Along with the above mentioned advantages the duplicate Content checker allow you unlimited searches to monitor duplicate content for any website. Absolutely Free of Cost.

You Got the Results, now what to do next?

If the duplicate content detector tool flags the result as internal duplicate content, then there is a problem in your own website content. Start solving those duplicate issues. here are the possible measures you can take

  • consider 301 redirect which is permanent 

  • use rel="canonical" [canonical tag]

  • prevent a URL from being indexed [You can use  meta robots noindex]

  • Opt for parameter handling in Google webmaster tools

External duplicates are a different challenge, because you can't just make changes to your own site and address the problem. Below are the measures that you can do to remove external duplicates

  • ask webmaster to remove the copies of content from their website

  • If contacting the offending website doesn't resolve the issue and you believe it to be in violation of copyright law, you can use this form to report the issue to

  • Google

Bottom Line

The duplicate content checker tool we've provided above will make it easier for you to create original website content without having to worry about your website or blog facing lower rankings or any notice for duplicate content. If your website or blog has been utilizing a duplicate content checker, do share with us.

If you are facing any problem of for any feedback using the duplicate content checker tool by San SEO Tools do contact us.

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