How to See Who’s Stolen Your Photos [ What to Do To Stop It ]
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How to See Who’s Stolen Your Photos [ What to Do To Stop It ]

05/10/2023 12:00 AM by SEOteam in Find similar images

In this raging world of the internet, smartphones, and social media, photos are everywhere. Once you share photos online anyone can access including copycats and thieves. Most social media websites and photographers are at high risk of stolen photos. It's a bitter truth that photo theft is the most common problem you’ll encounter on a regular basis. It's therefore really important to track your photos especially once published or uploaded on social media. Unfortunately, webmasters don't have security measures that can prevent their images from being stolen. If you think one of your images may have been stolen and you've copyrights of the images you are uploading, then the Good news is you can easily take legal action against thieves. If you are a victim and you want to question: how to see who has stolen your photos? then you are at the right page. This blog will lead you to look  into the easy way of finding similar pictures present all over the web. SanSEO Tools wil give you best working tips in this blog about what to do to protect yourself and steps you can take if somone's stolen your photos. So let's move forward

Keep Track of Your Images

If you are about to start a website with your photography or if you have posted hundreds of pictures over your blog or website. In any case, you should plan to keep track of your images. No doubt you can track them manually but its a big No no! The reason is that internet is already filled with millions of webpages available but manually tracking published images without permission is not easy. Instead do a reverse image search and you can detect stolen images in a matter of seconds.This online service allows you to determine where your images have been uploaded. You can use the reverse image search tool to either upload an image from your device's storage or enter the URL of an image if it's available on the internet. Once you've finished uploading an image, the tool will use its CBIR technology to retrieve similar image picture results.

How to Stop People from Using Your Images?

If any of your images have already been stolen, you can get in touch with the webmasters and request that they remove them or give you the proper credit. Finally, you know the easy way for finding the sources who have stolen your images, 

Next we will discuss the necessary steps you can do to prevent image theft.

Register Your Images

Getting copyrights on your images by registering them for a fair fee is the first and most fundamental way to prevent people from using your images. No one else will be able to use your content without your permission, and you will have legal recourse if they do, thanks to the registration of your images, which will give you proof of ownership. You can complete this process online and save your images from thieves without having to go to an office.

Watermark Your Images

Watermarking is a great way to keep your images from being stolen, but its effectiveness is dependent on your editing abilities. If you are not a professional editor, you may end up degrading the image quality and making matters worse for yourself. When selecting a watermark, make sure it does not interfere with the appearance of your image. Furthermore, it should be strong enough that thieves will be unable to remove it. Photoshop is a good option for adding watermarks to your images; however, if you don't know how to use this software, seek professional help rather than risk a mess.

Crop Part of an Image

When suing someone for using your image, you must provide authentic proof that the image is yours alone. If you don't have proof, the thief can sue you as well, claiming that you stole the image, not him/her. To avoid this, you can quickly crop part of an image with image cropper before publishing and keep the original copy on hand. If this occurs, you will have proof of your image's originality, which will strengthen your case.

Disabling Right-Clicking on your website

You can prevent your images from theft in an easy way by disabling right-clicking on your website. This practice stops thieves from saving your picture by simply right-clicking it; however, they can still take a screenshot of your image. The issue with screenshots is that they do not provide the original quality of a picture. As a result, thieves will be less likely to copy pictures from your site and instead spend their time tracking down others.

Final Words

With the availability of reverse image search tools, finding copycats is no longer a difficult task. SanSEOTools is one of many web portals that provide reverse image search facilities. You can also use any of the methods listed above to save your pictures from getting stolen. These easy methods are simple to implement and provide numerous benefits to your site, as the audience will never question the originality of your content.