How To Increase Moz Trust of WebPage
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How To Increase Moz Trust of WebPage

02/13/2024 5:02 PM by SEO Admin in Seo

Everyone wants to rank high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. High rank means increased visitors, greater profits, and enhanced revenue. As we strive for prominence in higher ranking for search engines, certain criteria must be met. Among the pivotal factors contributing to a top position in SERPs are trusted links. The TrustRank employed by Google remains undisclosed, making MozTrust a valuable alternative So we use MozTrust to check trust of the website. MozTrust serves as a close approximation to TrustRank, allowing website owners to gauge the trust level of their sites.

MozTrust concerns with the trusted links that a website has. It gauges how closely a website is connected to trustworthy websites, serving as a metric to measure trustworthiness. The MozTrust score reflects the level of trust a website holds, and it sees improvement when earning a backlink from a highly trusted Moz website. Unlike metrics that consider the sheer quantity of links, MozTrust places emphasis on the trustworthiness of these links. In essence, the higher the trust level of the linking websites, the greater the MozTrust score. Notably, websites obtaining Edu and Gov links, from Educational Institutes and Government websites, gain added legitimacy, contributing significantly to an increase the Moz trust of a website.

What is Good Score For Website?

There is no specific benchmark for good or bad score for MozTrust. However, a higher SEO score means more trustworthy and an increased chance of achieving a top ranking in search engine result pages. It is generally considered positive when the MozTrust surpasses the MozRank.

How to improve MozTrust

Quality is better than quantity, It is a good sign if MozTrust is more than MozRank. If MozRank is higher than MozTrust then it means the site has linked by low trusted website.

MozTrust of a website can be increased by getting high-quality backlinks from sites that have high trust. Government institutes and university are usually considered more safe and trustworthy, so getting backlinks from these sites can boost a website greatly. Backlinks from root link also carry great value. Domain age is also a dominant factor, how much old will be a domain, it will earn more trust. Social Networks also play a significant role in Trust Building.

Key factors that are discussed above for Increasing MozTrust are these

Quality vs. Quantity: Quality is better than quantity. Quality plays a crucial role in determining Moztrust.

Target High-Trust Sites: Get backlinks from highly trusted websites, especially from educational institutions and government sites.

Domain Age: Older domains means more trust. Utilize Domain Age Checker tools to assess the real age of a website.

Wrapping Up

The trust score operates on a logarithmic scale, signifying that the difficulty of improving the score increases as it ascends. Improving the trust score of a website from 4 to 5 is easier rather than improving it  from 8 to 9.

Poorly linked-pages can build bad impact so proper and relative links are important as well as Highly Trusted.