How to Get Image URL?
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How to Get Image URL?

11/29/2022 9:00 AM by Admin in Seo tools

How to Find Image By URL?

The web address that points to each image on the internet is known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). How to get URL of image in different is covered in this post. When you copy and paste this address in the image search tool to get the image from the specific address and assist you in finding similar images.

There are two simple ways to copy the image's URL whether you use Apple's Safari or Google's Chrome or Firefox browsers.

How to Get URL of Image?

If you are on a webpage its very easy to get the url of any image. Below i will discuss different browsers for your ease

Google Chrome

You can get image url by copying image address, The method is as follows

First Way is to:

  • Open the image/Picture whose address you want to copy
  •  First right click it. You will see a number of options, choose "Copy Image Address or Copy Image URL" .
  • In Google Chrome the option of Copy Image Address appears after right click, select it. 

Get image url (address) in google chrome

This image URL you get is very important if you want to lookup for similar photos over the internet for any purpose.

Below i am going to tell you how to find image by URL you get, 

Next Step is head over to SanSEOTools' reverse image search, look for the space area provided for pasting image URL, You will exactly see "Enter URL". Just paste it either by right-clicking and choosing paste option. Else from your keyboard just press Ctrl+V.

If unfortunately you are unable to get image url, don't worry there is other way out. If you are familiar with image extensions, you can simply verify whether the address you provided is the correct location for the image or not by yourself. All you need to do is scan the URL for an extension, such as:

The most used image file extensions on the internet are.JPG,.PNG, and JPEG, therefore if the address you copied matches one of those, it is the right one.

Second Simple way involves opening the image in a new tab, which enables you to copy the URL from the browser's address bar. Simply triple-click the URL to select it all, then right-click it to select the copy option, and use the same technique as in the first method to paste the URL into the tool's URL field.

 Safari Browser

Follow below:

  • Navigate to the image whose URL you wish to copy.
  • Use the shortcut key Ctrl+C or right-click it and choose Copy.
  • Right click on the image, few options will open up. Select "Copy Image Link" and you are good to go.
  • Just paste it in the reverse image search tool in the area provided for URL as mentioned above. You will learn how to reverse image search by pasting the URL.

Have fun with the reverse image search either you are looking for the image source of your favortie picture or you want to add the photo that fits your content but its copyright and you want to give credit to the author. You can also take benefit if you are a photographer and want to see if anyone has published your copyrighted photos without your permission. For each and every step you need to know how to copy image url. Above mentioned steps are easy to follow. 

Follow the similar procedure for other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer.