How to Download YouTube Videos - Easy Ways
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How to Download YouTube Videos - Easy Ways

12/31/2022 4:02 PM by Admin in Youtube

In this article you will learn how to download youtube videos with two easy ways.

There are billions of streaming videos on YouTube, but occasionally you may want to download some of them for offline watching.

IMPORTANT: Since many YouTube videos are copyrighted, downloading them without crediting the creator is illegal. Verify that downloading is legal before you do so. Also, don't exploit anything you've downloaded to make money or in any other way violate a copyright.

Below are The two easys way for downloading YouTube videos on your Computer or PC.

1. Downloading YouTube Videos on Computer 

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You don't need to download or install software or create an account to download YouTube videos.

 You need a specific YouTube video URL.

  1. Open any web browser such as Safari or Chrome. Get the YouTube Video you want to download and save via web browser.

  2. Afterwards, copy the video URL by clicking three times, it will highlight the url address. Then right click it to copy.

  3. type youtube video downloader and once you open the page, paste the YouTube video URL in the required field ( the url you have copied previously).

Download YouTube Videos

  1. Click the "Submit" button. It will scan the video and shows a variety of file types to download. Right click the button and click "save link as" to download.

Downloading YouTube Videos for Computer - Youtube Video downloader by

  1. Next, move to select your download preferences like download  There are following formats "Video+audio" , "Audio Only" or Video only. The video+ audio format will download video along with audio. Clicking it will ensure that you are downloading the entire video along with audio. There are also different resolution options. Remember the higher the resolution the better the quality. The higher quality video will have higher file size.

2. How to Download YouTube Videos to Computer by Using VLC Media Player

Log into your computer and visit If you have VLC Media Player installed on your computer, you can then use it to download YouTube videos. First, open your browser and go to YouTube.

Using the free VLC Media Player app, you can stream videos and music from your Mac or PC.

  • Find the YouTube video you wish to download and copy the URL.

  • Launch VLC. On a PC, select Media from the top menu, then select Open Network Stream. On a Mac, select File, followed by Open Network from the top menu.

  •  Click the Network tab in the pop-up that displays, paste the URL of the YouTube video in the text box at the top, and then click Play or Open at the bottom.

  • In the "Network" tab's text box, paste the YouTube video's URL. The YouTube video will start playing after a short delay. It will take longer for a large YouTube video to load. 

  •  Select Media Information from the top menu's Tools section if you're using a PC. On a Mac, select Media Information from the top menu after selecting Window.  

  • At the bottom of the Media Information" pop-up, there will be a Location text box. The URL in this text box should be double-clicked in order to select it and copy it.

  • Paste the link into the URL text box at the top of your web browser, then press Enter on a PC or Return on a Mac to finish.

  •  A page with simply the video playing will be highlighted for you. In the bottom right corner, click the three vertical dots, then select Download.

  • The video will download as an.MP4 file to your computer.

Ok, you got ways to download YouTube Videos but you also know about what laws says about downloading YouTube videos. Under which conditions its legal or illegal. This is very important part to discuss.

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Against the Law?

If you download a video from YouTube, are you breaking the law?

It depends, as is typically the case. Let's investigate how US law views YouTube video downloads. 

When Is It Illegal To Download YouTube Videos?

According to copyright legislation in the United States, it is illegal to copy content without the owner's consent.

That goes for copies you make for your own use as well as copies you distribute or use to make money.

Even though you have a very minimal probability of being charged with a crime, especially as an individual, you are still breaching the law.

When Is it Legal to Download YouTube Videos?

In terms of copyright concerns, you're probably not doing anything illegal if you download a video for offline viewing on your own personal computer. Also under below circumstances it is legal to download YouTube videos.

Yes! You can download videos from YouTube that are free from copyright laws or for which the copyright provides you the right to reproduce the video using third-party YouTube video downloaders.

You can legally download the following types of videos from YouTube:

When a work is in the public domain, the copyright has either passed away, been abandoned, waived, or was never relevant in the first place. The video is not owned by anyone, therefore anyone can copy it and share it with others.

  1. Public Domain: When the copyright is expired or no longer valid, has been abandoned,  been waived, or was never relevant in the first place, the work is termed public domain. Because the rights have expired, members of the public are free to use legally and can redistribute it.

  2. Creative Commons: Creative Commons (CC) is a license that allows for the reproduction and distribution of works for which the author has retained the copyright.

  3. Copyleft: Anyone is given the freedom to reproduce, distribute, and alter the work under the terms of copyleft, as long as the same conditions hold true for any derivative content.

There are many videos on YouTube that fit into one of the aforementioned categories if you look around a bit.