How to do a Google Advanced Image search for Competitive Reasearch
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How to do a Google Advanced Image search for Competitive Reasearch

08/17/2023 7:21 AM by SEO Admin in Images

To develop a persuasive marketing strategy, it is essential to keep and eye on your competitors marketing actions. Additionally, it helps marketers determine where to focus their efforts in order to increase ROI and generate conversions.

By doing competitive research you will come to know about; 

  • How are they advertising their products?
  • The kind of content does your competition use to draw in the audience
  • The particular marketing channels are competitors using to reach visitors
  • The kind of images or other graphical data are they using to bolstering their marketing strategies 
  • The weaknesses in their plan can you use to your advantage

But when researching competitors, many marketers pay attention to a limited number of factors. They look at their targeted keywords, how they are used in their content, and how they rank across multiple search engines, for instance. There is much more to competitor analysis than simply looking at SERPs and finding keywords. It also describes the type of graphical data they employ. The majority of businesses prioritize visual content because they recognize its value, so those who ignore it are making a grave error. In fact, graphical information is more crucial for the majority of businesses than other types of content, especially eCommerce stores. As a result, it is crucial to understand what competitors are doing with regard to graphics.

You can use Google's Advanced Image Search, a fantastic tool, for graphical content analysis.

Let's go deeper dive to look in it!

What Is Google Advanced Image Search?

Google's Advanced Image Search, is an online tool that helps internet users find required images. It differs slightly from other image search methods, though. It is called advanced for this reason. It enables internet users to use various filters, such as words, size, aspect ratio, colors, domain, format, usage rights, region, and image type, to find their preferred images. Together, these filters improve the accuracy and effectiveness of Advanced Image Search. As a result, individuals from all fields use this facility to find the exact images they require, including students, researchers, marketers, business owners, and others.

This tool is very useful for image search even though the majority of people are unaware of it. The data they require can be quickly gathered by anyone who knows how to use this facility. The majority of users, though, are unaware of effective ways to utilize this utility. But don't fret. Below section of this article is about how to do it.

How to do a Google Advanced Image Search?

If you are clear about what you want Google to show in return for your input, then Google's reverse image search feature will not be that much difficult. But this is where the issue arises. Many people are unaware of their needs or how to get the information they need.

This is a quick way to access information on this platform.

Read all the filters
Know what you need
Fill out all the boxes with relevant data

I'm done now. Most people are not mindful of the proper way to fill out the filters. The rest of the work, however, is as simple as searching for anything on Google .

Why use Google Advanced Image Search for Competitive Research?

There are many benefits of using this tool for researching your competitors. In fact, It is the best in the business industry. This Google tool can be useful if you want to know more about your competitors, including who they are, what they are offering, where they are publishing their content, etc. Here are some reasons for using Google reverse image search for competitive research.

Identify Your Competing Brands

You must be successful in the cutthroat market and capture your fair share to do so. In comparison to many other things, this information is much more important. You can use it to decide how much money you should spend on marketing and advertising, what brand values to emphasize, where to post your content, and which marketing approach will work best for you. You can learn more about your real competitors with the help of Google's reverse image search. Typically, when marketers or brands begin their competitor research, they use various keywords to search for them on Google. But they receive a ton of useless results in return, wasting their time. However, this utility gives users the option to be specific about what they want. They could, for instance, add and remove some keywords. They can additionally choose regions. Since local brands are frequently actual competitors, region selection is crucial when conducting competitor research. 

Analyzing Product Offerings

Any business owner can easily find out what competitors are offering to their customers with the help of this online utility. You have two options when it comes to researching the products of competitors.
Their product images will appear when you directly enter their brand name in the Image Search. In alt tags, most businesses include their brands. In a flash, you can do that to access their product images. By using the brand name strategy, you can also quickly access any other places they have posted their content.

Try searching with their domain name. You can easily access all of their uploaded images on their websites using this. The majority of the competitor data you require can be directly obtained with its assistance. 

Review the price points of your competitors

Once you are aware of the goods that competitors are selling, you can also ascertain their prices. You will benefit from this information. You can choose your price points with ease once you are aware of the fundamental price points that various brands have established. As a result, by maintaining prices below market levels, you can gain the trust of customers and boost sales. 

Reverse image search to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

It's time to use the competitor's product pictures you found using Google Advanced Image Search and extract more information from them. You can quickly learn which websites will help you market online by using reverse image search. 

To find out where the same or similar data is uploaded, simply upload your competitors' product images to a reverse image search tool. You can then quickly find opportunities for guest blogging and marketing by carefully examining them. In the end, it will assist you in enhancing both organic and referral traffic. 

Google Advanced Image Search: Conclusion

If you want to do competitive research then  Google Advanced Image Search facility is excellent. Google's Advanced Image Search feature is great for researching competitors.  It is one of the best tools for competitor research because you will come to know about how their competitors showcase their products, which platforms they use to gain traffic, their key selling points, what products they offer, and so on. Acquiring all of the information is beneficial to your brand because it allows you to make strategic decisions and increase your market share.