5 Free Google SEO tools
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5 Free Google SEO tools

12/03/2022 11:20 AM by Admin in Seo tools

 If you're just starting out or don't have the money for more expensive tools, there are still a lot of resources you can use.

In this article we'll discuss 5 of our favorite FREE Google tools, along with how using them can help you to play your SEO game well.

Google offers a range of SEO-friendly tools that are regularly updated.

These tools assist publishers in understanding the reasons behind underperforming pages and provide them with detailed guidance on how to enhance webpage performance in order to improve rankings.

Here are Google’s top five SEO tools.

1. Lighthouse Google

Lighthouse is a tool for improving web page performance that is built into every Chrome-based browsers. Within the Chrome Dev Tools panel, you can access the tool.

How to Access the Google Lighthouse Tool

There are several Ways to Access the Google Lighthouse Tool

  • Press The F12 function key on a Windows computer.
  • Right-click the website on a Mac or Windows computer, select "Inspect," and then select the "Lighthouse" option.
  • Press Command+Option+C on a Mac.
  • Press Control+Shift+C on Chrome OS, Linux, and Windows.In Chrome, click the 3-dot menu on the top right corner then, More Tools > Developer Tools

Lighthouse Provides 5 SEO Performance Categories

  1. Performance.
  2. Progressive Web App.
  3. Best Practices.
  4. Accessibility.
  5. SEO.

Although accessibility isn't a metric directly related to SEO, it is related to a good user experience for visitors who are disabled.
The majority of websites' search visibility will be increased by utilizing the input from these five categories.

The following are some metrics that Chrome Lighthouse reports on:

  1. Viewport metadata tag
  2. Title Element.
  3. Meta Description
  4. Status code for HTTP.
  5. Text that Describes Links
  6. Crawling & Indexing Status of the Page.
  7. confirms Hreflang.
  8. checks for rel=canonical.
  9. verifies the website's mobile friendliness.
  10. Verifies the legibility of the font on mobile devices.
  11. examines tap targets for mobile.
  12. checks if a document avoids browser plugins when viewed.
  13. covers indexing and crawling.

Why you Should Consider Lighthouse SEO Tool

I won't argue that Lighthouse is a simple site review tool.

However, it's a crucial tool for site reviews because it reflects Google's opinion of 10 metrics you should consider.

2. Test my Site

Google's auditing tool, Test My Site, provides two metrics:

  • estimated 4G mobile network loading time.
  • suggestions for speeding the website.

This is a useful tool for getting a brief overview of a website's speed health. It's a good place to start if you want to understand mobile optimization in its entirety.

Additionally, the tool offers to deliver a comprehensive report with recommendations for speeding up the tested webpage.

Why you Should Consider Test my Site?

Using Page Speed Insights, you can access similar data.

However, using the Test My Site tool makes it simple for stakeholders who aren't developers to grasp what might be wrong with the performance of the mobile site. However, it's also beneficial for developers to receive a short overview.

Visit Google's Page Speed Insights if you want specific information about what needs fixing.

3. Page Speed Insights

The tool that delivers lab Core Web Vitals performance scores is called Page Speed Insights.
Google developed Core Web Vitals as significant metrics to describe the user experience on a website.

This information is crucial since addressing the issues raised can boost SEO, sales conversions, ad clicks, and (if performance limitations can be resolved) a significant ranking factor. This online tool details the precise issues that are slowing things down and offers solutions.

It identifies which style sheets and scripts are cause the site to load slowly, which images are too large, and provides various other suggestions for speeding up the affected webpages.

Why you Should Consider Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights is a tool for identifying hidden technical issues that affect page speed as well as providing helpful solutions for them.

A Google Developers page that provides more in-depth background information and an explanation of how to fix the problems is linked to each highlighted issue.

4. Safe Browsing Test

Every day, Google scans billions of pages for malware. This tool notifies users if a website has malware.

The tool also displays the most recent date on which the website was checked for malware. 

The frequency of testing varies amongst different websites.

Why you Should Conduct the Safe Browsing test

Many individuals do not think of website security as an SEO issue. But when Google starts removing URLs from its index because the site has been hacked, website security soon turns into an SEO problem.

Because of this, SEO should include website security. A website's search visibility may suffer significantly if it is not secured.

5. Google Trends

According to time and place, Google Trends splits the information it offers regarding keyword popularity. The time period might help you get an idea of how the seasons might impact keywords. You can see if a keyword is losing popularity from this as well.

Why you Should Use Google Trends

If you notice a negative trend in a keyword, this could mean that a certain item or trend is making people less interested in that particular search. Google Trends is crucial for conducting comparative analysis. It reveals the frequency of Google searches involving a rival brand.

If this trend is up, down, or steady, the trend line by time will show you how steady it is. A downward-trending rival trend line is obviously advantageous. It's bad when a trend line starts to rise.

If a competitor's trend line is stable (which is the most typical), this indicates that they are succeeding, and you should, among other things, figure out how to exploit their flaws to your advantage.

Improve Ranking, Visibility & User-Experience Using Google SEO Tools

While SEO experts frequently view Google's claims about what influences rankings (or doesn't) with a healthy grain of skepticism, it would be folly to ignore the resources it provides. You can see exactly what Google looks for in a high-quality site, webpage, and user experience via these tools.

Take use of this to tailor your optimization as closely as you can to Google's (and your audience's) expectations.