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Content Sharing Platforms

10/26/2022 4:16 AM by Admin in Content

Creating and publishing blog posts or articles isn't enough and it's a bad idea to limit your content to your website only. So, whats next? Sharing your owesome content. 
For this you should know about the best platforms for sharing your content or distribute it among your readers.

For your website to attract relevant traffic, you must write and publish blog posts and articles. Publishing content on a website's blog, resources page, or other.  Today, there is content everywhere. The level of competition is ridiculous. How many blog posts are published each month? There are over 70 million. Looking beyond simply posting content on your website is necessary if you want to make any genuine progress.

Sharing your content on specialized or niche websites can also help it reach a wider audience in addition to mainstream channels like Medium. Imagine using other platforms to distribute your content like a megaphone: the more platforms you advertise it, the more widely the message will be heard.

Are you prepared to increase website traffic and conversions by amplifying your content?

From the mainstream to the niche, here are 15 best platforms where you should be sharing your content like a crazy !!!

1. Medium

The online publishing platform Medium was created by Even Williams, who also co-founded Twitter and Blogger. It allows you to contribute your content or republish your blog posts(if you use their import feature, they even add a rel=canonical link) while also allowing you to read a wide range of information from other authors and publications.

DrumUp employs this strategy, posting excerpts of complete blog posts on Medium before directing visitors to the complete story on their website.

It's an additional location where you may syndicate your blog entries and broaden the audience for your content. On Medium, long-form articles are frequently read more often than short articles. Therefore, if you regularly create long-form blog entries, you may republish some of these posts on Medium and reach a wider audience.

2. Reddit

Reddit can be a good platform to use for content distribution, but it must be done properly.

Redditors are very aware of corporations trying to "spam" subreddits with their own content, so it's usually best to leave this to a select few workers who have active Reddit accounts and who may once or twice a month share company blog items.

These articles ought to be carefully picked and offer the users genuine value. Make sure that staff members are utilizing their Reddit accounts for more than just publishing content to the corporate blog because Redditors have the ability to view other users' activity.

If not, they'll be quite simple to discover and your business can get criticized, which is never nice on such a bustling site.

3. LinkedIn 

Similar to Medium, LinkedIn enables you to syndicate blog content as articles on your individual LinkedIn profile.

Although these articles now don't automatically add rel=canonical links, research has shown that Google isn't marking these as duplicate content (even though they show up on duplicate content search sites like Copyscape).

Many users have established substantial subscriber bases for their blog posts on LinkedIn as a result of their existing network on the site.

Users have the option to subscribe to other users' posts, which will alert them whenever that user publishes something new.

The fact that your blog readers can only receive alerts like that by subscribing to email notifications—a much higher commitment—than ticking a box to obtain an in-platform notification on LinkedIn—makes this built-in alert system a clear advantage over other platforms.

4. Email

Email marketing for content promotion is a tried-and-true strategy that still has a lot of power. Email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share your content on social media than visitors from other sources, and they are also significantly more devoted to your business.

Campaign Monitor discovered that you are 6x more likely to receive a click from an email than from a tweeted tweet, and that email clicks are typically greater than the CTR on social media posts as well.

The ideal method for your schedule and users will determine how you share your material on social media. Try different things to discover what attracts the most clicks.

When a new post is published, some businesses or authors prefer to send out a fresh email (which is typically automated using an RSS feed and a service like Zapier or IFTTT), while others prefer to wait until the end of the week or month to send out a newsletter of updates and the most recent posts published.

The best platforms for generating traffic are those mentioned above. Nevertheless, there are a ton of other sites to take into account depending on the subject and format of your content.

5. Bizsugar

Business owners and marketers interested in discussing themes related to growth and growth hacking can join this online group.

Bizsugar offers its customers options including goal setting templates, free groups, and online events.


Users can rate WordPress-related material with an up or down vote in this slightly different style.

7. Facebook

Facebook's Personal Page might seem obvious, but many users overlook it.

Consider creating a Facebook list for people from your workplace if you are worried about spamming your family or friends who aren't in the business. By doing this, you won't have to worry about giving your Great Aunt Gertrude a step-by-step tutorial on PPC.

The Brand Facebook page is another really clear example.

If it is relevant to your audience, select a strong quote from your content, check that your image appears properly, and send it.

There are still active Facebook groups! Since many users already use Facebook for personal purposes, groups typically see more activity from them.

Join a few communities focused on your industry, contribute your best content there once a month, and offer assistance where you can.

Keep participating in the chat or group by reading other people's posts, responding to queries, and making sincere contributions.

8. SlideShare

One of the top 100 most visited websites in the world is SlideShare, which is the largest professional information sharing community in the world with 80 million active users. It was founded in 2006, and LinkedIn bought it in 2012.

Because SlideShare receives a fair amount of search traffic, your presentation has the potential to garner additional attention and potentially drive referral traffic to your website.


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9. Quora

The most popular question-and-answer website on the internet, Quora, has been around forever.

Users ask a question, and users respond to it. Pretty simple to understand. However, it becomes a terrific opportunity when you take into account that a company or a representative can investigate the types of questions customers are asking and be prepared with a thorough blog post to answer them.

Knowing the issues your target audience is facing might help you come up with fantastic ideas for content that will increase traffic to your website.

If, for instance, everyone is requesting advice on how to hang a picture on a wall and you offer the greatest picture hanging nails ever, why not share your knowledge on the subject?

You get to personally respond to a question from a possible consumer and include a helpful link to the in-depth response on your blog.

10. Growth Hackers

You may read and share top-notch articles on growth hacking, marketing channels, user acquisition, engagement, product launch, and other topics on Growth Hackers, a site that is rooted in the community. You may create a free account and begin writing and sharing posts because all of the content on Growth Hackers is written by users.

The community adheres to strict guidelines for content vetting, and the content curation staff examines each post before it is published on the home page.

Users can begin upvoting or downvoting your content once it has been authorized and published. If your post receives enough votes, it will be included in the Top Weekly Posts Newsletter from Growth Hackers, which is distributed every Monday and will help your blog post gain even more attention.

Bonus tip: Share content from other sources in addition to your own. Your authority on the subject will grow as a result in the community.

11. Dzone

More than a million developers share content and links on coding, cloud computing, and other topics on the Dzone discussion board.

12. Flipboard

Flipboard is a cool app that breaks down the internet into easily savored bite-sized chunks. They share content from every significant newspaper you can think of and direct it toward those who are seeking for it.

A wonderful strategy to send traffic to your blog is to register for an account and post stuff there. Additionally, it's a terrific tool to monitor your own social media feeds and business information.

Its straightforward user interface, which is supported by some considerable algorithmic heft, is what really makes this stand out.

13. Scoop.It has organic traffic of over two million users per month. It has developed into a platform of power for advertisers.

They assist marketers in locating reputable information in their business through the use of content curation tools, which can then be effortlessly shared on social media.

You can share your content in the hopes that others will do the same and let their following know about it.

This program makes it simple for everyone who wants to share their material with the world. It is also a terrific approach to generate fresh topic suggestions depending on what is popular.

14. Listly

Listly is a fantastic platform for content curation that is currently available. It makes making lists of material simple with a web application and an official iOS app.

You can post your lists to your audience after they are finished.

Additionally, it gives your audience the chance to vote on the items on your list, giving you a better understanding of what they now value.

15. Business2Community

This website is a pioneer in the distribution of professionally produced content. A community of thought leaders, marketers, writers, and others congregate here to share their knowledge and the latest information.

This is a great platform for a newbie author to start off with public content. It's a fantastic resource for in-depth analysis and professional viewpoints on a variety of niche business subjects.

Wrapping Up

Nobody loves a self-promoter who simply wants to share and not interact.

You are much more likely to develop lasting relationships and join a welcoming community where people share links when you are a respected member of an online community, whether it be Medium or a Twitter chat.

These principles apply to all Internet contributions. We now have the chance to publish our information on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn and increase its visibility, but don't abuse this opportunity by spreading poor-quality, boring stuff.