How to Check for Plagiarism Online
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How to Check for Plagiarism Online

07/09/2023 5:10 PM by SEO Admin in Plagiarism

An article, research paper, assignment, or essay is rarely considered complete without checking for uniqueness. With the rising rate of plagiarism, it's always easy to tell if the text is original with the help of a free plagiarism checker.  Whether you're writing a blog post for an online audience, a term paper for your professor, or just about any other sort of content, your readers want to get something new and original from you every time. What happens if you deliberately or unknowingly deliver, submit, or publish plagiarized content? As a result, your credibility suffers. Your audience begins to question your once-revered "authority," something you could have avoided totally with a simple, painless checking with a plagiarism checker. And if you're a student, you lose scores. That is why you need it. 

Let's first dive into the specifics of plagiarism so you can acquire a better understanding of it before we quickly walk you through how to check for plagiarism Free.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of presenting the written work or ideas of another person, company, or organization as your own. a poor method! To put it another way, plagiarism occurs when someone: stealing from others and claiming their ideas as your own or exploits someone else's laborious work without giving credit to the author and also presents a product or idea that was drawn from an earlier source as original or novel. Additionally, according to U.S., the following qualifies as plagiarism: 

  • The duplication of an author's words without quotation marks and accurate references or footnotes.
  • The duplication of author's words or phrases with footnotes or accurate references, but without quotation marks.
  • The use of an author's ideas in paraphrase without accurate references or footnotes.
  • Submitting a paper in which exact words are merely rearranged even though footnoted.

Plagiarism is nothing new; the Internet has just made it more accessible. How? Anyone can now readily copy and paste texts as their own because of the expanding global Internet access. They only need to run a quick Google search. This means that anyone nowadays, whether intentionally or not, may readily plagiarize given their access to the thousands of petabytes of content on the web. That causes issues for everyone. For example, if you publish content online and someone steals it, your previously original content may pass as a duplicate. Although Google is intelligent enough to determine whose information was published first, the disadvantage remains that copied content can outrank yours, and your audience may not realize you own the content. Your website may be penalized if you publish plagiarized work. However, this is where a plagiarism checker comes in.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism checker is a web based tool to detect copied work within a document and verify the uniqueness of the content. In order to make sure the paper is original and not plagiarized, a good plagiarism checker can swiftly check your content for similarities in the text with other content pieces online. Plagiarism is especially prevalent in academics and online publishing.

Who Need a Plagairism Checker?

If you are a teacher or professor who is tired of students sending you assignments and essays that they copied, you may surely utilize a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism tool can help you if you are a content agency or online publisher who cannot provide proof for the authenticity of the articles supplied by your contributors. If you own a blog, are an online business, or are an author who employs freelance writers to create content for you, a plagiarism tool is a big help for them. You need a plagiarism checker to confirm the originality and uniqueness of your content as long as you work with what is purported to be "original" written content.

If you don't use a plagiarism detector because you believe you have nothing to prove and your work is 100% unique, you should reconsider. Using free online plagiarism software is about more than just verifying your honesty; it is also about recognizing that we now live in a "information overload" environment. At least 4 million blog postings are published every day. Every day, billions of individuals use social media to share billions of pieces of user-generated content. To effectively verify your articles, essays, and dissertations against the billions of pieces of content floating around the Internet, use a free plagiarism tool.  If your work was marked as plagiarized after passing it through a plagiarism checker, you must make it plagiarism-free. Removing Plagiarism manually is a hard task, this is a powerful tool to remove plagiarism from any content. This helps you easily convert the plagiarized content into a plagiarism-free content. The free will makes it unique while retaining the original context.

The Best Online Plagiarism Checker

Although there are several high-quality plagiarism detection tools available online, we highly recommend the free plagiarism checker by Our plagiarism detector is the most dependable and effective plagiarism detector available online. That is why it is used and recommended by everyone. tool allows you to check any piece of content to ensure that it is unique and cannot be penalized by any search engine. 

How to Check for Plagiarism Free

With this tool, you can check to see if your work is 100% unique in just a few minutes for free. The tool saves you time and worry and is exceedingly simple to use. All you have to do is copy and paste your content into the space provided and run a search by clicking on the "Check Plagiarism" button. You may also run content straight from your computer in file formats such as DOCX, DOC, and TXT.  You can input up to 15,000 words into each check, and the checker will scan through your text line by line looking for similarities between the content and the billions of web pages on the internet. The identical sentences and the total percentage are pointed out along with the url. This helps you to trim the sentences entirely using a sentence rewriter free or you can cite them properly.

You won't need to stress about the privacy of your data when using Plagiarism Checker by San SEO Tools. San SEO tools do not access, save, or distribute your content.

Wrap UP

One of the best tools you should always have on hand is plagiarism detection if you work with content as a business that hires content creators, as a teacher who requires projects and essays from students, or if you work with material in any other capacity. Your website, on the other hand, brags of quality content; you can count on it being copied back to back, which is a wonderful thing provided you consent to it and if they offer you backlinks and credit for any part of your content used. The unfortunate fact is that the majority do not, and these are the people you should never rescue. If you check that someone else is using your content, you can request that it be withdrawn or the website be taken down if they do not cease with frequent complaints. Additionally, you must cease if you are a student or a professional writer who is passing off the work of others.  To begin with, make sure you're submitting the appropriate content by utilizing our free tool to check your work. Thanks to techniques like ours, detecting plagiarism has been much easier recently, leading to a rise in the number of cases where offenders are identified. Do it properly if you must borrow someone else's ideas. Request their consent and, if given, send them hyperlinks, credit the author, and other appropriate actions. Without delaying a minute start using our tool for free.